October 14, 2010


Lasting First Impressions of The Truth from Brian Melo

Those of you who know me understand that I love music. My Dad is a wonderful vocalist, I am a singer (I’ve written and recorded my own single), and my eldest daughter, Eria, has a beautiful voice; it is her dream to become a musical artist herself. With that said, you can probably understand that, of the very few reality shows I watch, American Idol/Canadian Idol is one of them (Hell’s Kitchen is the other). The first year the family watched Canadian Idol was in 2007, the year that Hamilton native Brian Melo won the competition. We had been rooting for Brian from very early in the show and were quite thrilled when he won. Not only because he was from our home town of Hamilton, but because we truly believed he was the best talent on the show that year.

After winning the Canadian Idol title, he went on to release his first recording, Livin’ It, which achieved Gold Status in Canada and received a fair amount of play in our household. Needless to say, I was anxious for his sophomore release, The Truth, which was finally released on October 12th, 2010. I downloaded it first thing in the morning and gave it a listen during my one hour drive to work.

Having waited 3 years for a follow-up to the fantastic Livin’ It, I am a little let down by The Truth. That’s not to say that the music isn’t good, it is. Several songs have catchy tunes and I can see myself singing along with them once I’ve heard them a few more times, but they all seem to just blend into one another in style. There isn’t a whole lot of musical diversity on this album. Brian’s vocals still sound as great as they did on his first entry, but there’s just something missing from this release to make it truly exciting. There isn’t that one song that makes me sit up and take notice.

The songs average a short three and a half minutes long and there are three songs that stand out to me: the title track “The Truth”, the second in the list, “Soundproof” and another titled “Firefly”. Of course, with only one listening through of each song, I don’t know all the lyrics yet, but the message of Soundproof seemed to resonate with me. It basically speaks of wanting to be soundproof to everyone else’s problems so that it doesn’t affect us and bring us down. “I want to be soundproof so I can’t hear what you say. I want to be soundproof when your words get in the way”. This song really reminds me of the melodic-rock of his first album and that’s probably why this one sticks with me.

“Firefly” is a contemporary song that is Brian’s version of the old adage “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was”. I enjoy the slower melody of this song and can see this one as something I would sing along with whenever I hear it. “I keep chasing fireflies, there one moment, then it’s gone the next. It’s like I’m chasing fireflies, hold it too close, it’ll die”.

The theme of the songs on this album is about the difficulties of life and love, holding on to it all and learning to make it better. It can easily be summed up with one line from the title track: “Life gets hard, and that’s the truth”.

Now don’t let my slight disappointment of this CD release detract from the fact that Brian has still delivered a good set of new songs and I will definitely continue to listen to it. This album will still have a home in my music library and will merge well with Brian’s previous release to listen to it all together. I am a fan of Brian Melo’s and anyone who knows me, when I’m a fan of anything, I stick by it not matter what.

The Truth contains 12 songs and is available in stores and through iTunes.

Brian Melo, I gave you an hour and I was NOT IMPRESSED…but I’m still a fan!

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