November 11, 2010

General Review: Puzzle Bots

General Review of Puzzle Bots from Wadjet Eye Games

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Ask any gamer and they’ll all agree that robots are simply cool.  Add that to the ever popular puzzle game and you have the latest in a long line of great point and click adventure puzzle games.  Wadjet Eye Games has delivered a delectably addictive casual title ready to be picked up and played on a moment’s notice.

Puzzle Bots follows the adventures of five tiny robots (Hero, Ultrabot, Kelvin, Ibi, and Bomchelle), and their creators in Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots. The dialogue and story are super campy but that just adds to the charm of this game.

Each of the robots’ abilities must be used together in order to overcome the challenges the puzzles present. Hero can pick up items, Ultrabot can move heavy objects, Kelvin uses a flamethrower to burn stuff, Ibi can swim and tow objects underwater, and Bomchelle, as her name implies, can throw bombs. As with many similar games, the puzzles are solved by using these abilities in a certain order and combining them to succeed.

The puzzles themselves are not extremely difficult by any means as there is no way to lose at this game.  The player simply needs to move the cursor around the screen to find the interactive objects and a visual clue will be given to guide the correct choice. There is even a rechargeable Hint button available should the player get stuck. The only frustration may come later in the game when certain puzzles require specific elements to be completed in a particular order but the game does well in making sure the player won’t get stuck in an unsolvable dilemma. The puzzles make sense within the confines of the game world and leave the player satisfied when the solution has finally been discovered.

Each main puzzle (there are smaller sets of puzzles for each robot to introduce their ability) is followed by an accompanying cut scene that continues the story of Dr. Hugo and the robot creators. The voice acting here is impressive and the writing will always elicit a chuckle as the player enjoys a well-deserved moment of mental rest.

Graphically, the game takes on a retro look and does it extremely well. It may not be a high res game, but it doesn’t need to be for what it’s trying to do. This low-fi quirkiness adds to the charm and humour that the writers and designers have expertly crafted here. Players will be hard pressed not to simply smile at the game as the light-hearted story unfolds before them.

Puzzle Bots is not a long game by any means, probably weighing in around 3 hours’ worth of game time but it will leave the player satisfied with having played a quality title.  Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots is a fun place to work and play and the combination of quirky story and clever point-and click puzzling makes Puzzle Bots most deserving of a sequel.

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