December 5, 2010


Lasting First Impressions of Tron Evolution: Battle Grids from Disney Interactive

Tron (Wii) LogoIn 1982, Disney released a highly experimental movie which, despite the stunning imagery found in the film, was a failure at the box office. It wasn’t until the follow up video games based on the tournaments in the movie did the title gain some traction.  That title is the much beloved Tron.  So when Disney announced that a new Tron movie was in the works, the collective sci-fi genre fans were rabid for as much information as they could get.  The imagery from the new movie looked incredible and the world waited with excitement for the movie to arrive along with the inherent video games that this would bring.

One such title arriving just before the movie is released is Disney Interactive’s Tron Evolution: Battle Grids exclusively created for the Wii.  This promised to bring to fans of the film a collection of the tournaments and games found in the world of Tron.  Such competitions as the Light Cycles, Hyper Ball, Grid Tanks, and Light Discs.  A game dedicated exclusively to these tournaments?  Yes, please!

Unfortunately, that’s where my excitement ends.  After starting up the game and creating my own custom character, I was thrust into a light cycle competition that I had to win before I could move on to anything else.  Playing the game the way I would assume you’d play it, by racing as fast as I could and trying to cut off my opponent with my light trail, proved to go nowhere.  The game lasted much longer than I would ever have wanted it to.  To the point of being boring.  So I tried a different approach, I stopped trying.  And won.  Yes, you read that right, I won the tournament by not trying.  This initial Light Cycle Arena was so annoying that I actually never wanted to do another Light Cycle Arena game again.

Unfortunately, the other available tournaments found in Battle Grids proved to be just as unpleasant and uninviting that I actually couldn’t wait to stop playing the game.  I know that may sound harsh, but I truly was not having a good time playing this title.

Graphically this game is also nothing to behold.  Everything looks very cartoony and underwhelming.  It really feels like this title was thrown together simply for the sake of having a Tron Evolution title on the Wii while all the care and time went into the actual Tron Evolution game for the other systems like PC, XBOX360 and PS3.  Having not played the full game on these other systems, I can’t claim that for sure, but this is the feeling I get when playing Battle Grids.

Tron Evolution Battle Grids is a great concept that just doesn’t come together well.  The controls for the different games feel awkward and don’t follow any kind of gaming standard (using C to jump for example) making some of the faster paced games a chore to play.  It seems that this game has suffered from the typical movie tie-in syndrome.

Disney Interactive, I gave you an hour and I am NOT IMPRESSED.  Hopefully the full game on the other systems fares better than this one.

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Sean is an avid gamer and lover of all thing tech. He is a dedicated husband and the father to three beautiful daughters. In addition to taking his love of gaming to a new level with this site, Sean is also host of our podcasts: The OMG! Hour, Lost Treasures of Gaming, and Primetime as well as the bi-weekly podcast mashup show, Gamers Unscripted. Follow Sean on Twitter as @Xiantayne and this blog as @OMGnexus.



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  1. Lee_Disney

    Sounds like the AI ran you through the ringer. If you ever feel like playing it again I suggest you try with your daughters, you might actually enjoy yourself.

  2. Xiantayne

    It was actually quite the opposite with the AI. I won every game played without any effort. Unfortunately I really found the controls very uncomfortable and awkward to use.

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