December 31, 2010

Nostalgia Extreme

Lasting First Impressions of Decimation X3 from Xona Games

Decimation_X3_-_Box_Art__jpeg_high_Most seasoned gamers will agree that a return to the roots of video gaming is a good thing.  Being able to play the old school games again brings back a great deal of memories, good or bad.  Xona Games has taken this nostalgia and turned it on its head with their release of Decimation X3 for Xbox Live Indie Games.

Decimation X3 looks and feels like a new version of Space Invaders.  That, however, is where the similarities end.  Xona Games has made sure that this is not our old school Space Invaders, with only being able to fire one shot at a time; this is the extremely fast paced great-grandchild of our beloved classic.

You, and up to three friends, work to bring down the oncoming alien hordes as they move ever closer to your ships all while trying to take you down with them.  Upgrades and powerups are plentiful as you progress through each stage.  Your weapons are quickly upgraded and really feels like you’re the most powerful ship in the world.

As another curve ball form the classic game comes in the form of level bosses.  Every few levels, you will come up against an enormous version of one of the aliens.  Destroying this boss will release several more powerups to collect before the next horde arrives.

Decimation X3 is very generous with the powerups and shows that it really wants your ship to be as powerful as possible as quickly as possible.  Every so often, an entire line of powerups will fall from the top of the screen ready for you to collect as many as possible.  This constant powering of the ship really adds to the fun feeling of invincibility this game gives as you continuously bring down the enemies as quickly as they can appear.

Decimation_X3_2010-12-05_13-52-42-07Don’t be fooled by all this power though. As the levels progress, the enemies also begin to volley an enormous amount return fire.  Your ship may be powerful in weapons, but if you can’t dodge the enemy fire, it’s game over.  Shields will protect you from the enemy fire but only while they’re still intact.  Like classic Space Invaders, your four shields (which only appear if you grab a shield powerup) will eventually disintegrate with each volley that hits them.

If you’re looking for a return to the classics, but with a twist, Decimation X3 is definitely worth checking out.  The large ‘pixels’ that make up the images are a wonderful throwback to the old 8-bit era of gaming.

Xona Games, I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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  1. Kevin

    This looks pretty crazy, may have to check it out.

    Have you tried Space Invaders Extreme?

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