March 16, 2011

Fast Forward: Orcs Must Die!

Looking Forward to Orcs Must Die! from Robot Entertainment

Last week I had the pleasure of attending PAX East 2011 and seeing many new and upcoming games from several developers.  Over the next week I will post my thoughts on the games that really grabbed my attention and left a lasting first impression (see what I did there?).  So without further adieu, I begin with one of the top two standounds for me: Robot Entertainment’s “Orcs Must Die!”.

Robot Entertainment’s first original game is going to be a huge hit!  Orcs Must Die! is a brilliant and flawless fusion of two popular game genres, merging a third-person shooter with a tower defense strategy game.  Sounds weird, right?  Well, it’s not and it’s already looking phenomenal.

OMD War MageTaking on the role of a heroic War Mage, it is your duty to defend your castle from an oncoming horde of Orcs intent on making their way to the rift located conveniently inside your fortress.  While normally the Orcs aren’t a problem when left on their own outside, but when they intentionally break down the door of your stronghold, something’s got to be done with these pests!  Lucky for you, a full arsenal of weapons is at your disposal as well as an abundance of magical traps to assist in the take down of those pesky Orcs and their kin.  Available traps include spike floors, walls of arrows, and tar traps.  Additionally, your fortress also provides some assistance in the form of such things as chandeliers that can be dropped on the invading horde and pots of hot oil just waiting to be emptied on their heads (‘cuz let’s face it, what’s a castle without huge pots of bubbling oil?).

OMD Orcs Like all good house guests, the Orcs will politely wait for you to get your traps ready at the beginning of each level before beginning the multi-wave thrashing of your personal property.  Once you are happy with the placement of your traps, just let them know and get ready to begin the third-person shooter action as you begin to take down the onslaught and watch in glee as the deployed spikes, arrows and other castle accoutrements do their job.

When Robot Entertainment releases Orcs Must Die! for download later this year, I would not be surprised in the least if it becomes an immediate fan favourite.  While I was able to play the game for a few minutes last week at PAX East 2011, I was unable to play again later due to the huge crowds surrounding Robot Entertainment’s booth.  The buzz around the show floor for OMD was proof that all those who played the game are clearly excited to get their hands on it again when it finally releases.

Well done, Robot Entertainment! You’ve definitely got a hit on your hands here.  No pressure.

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  1. Love the game, can’t wait for it to release.

  2. Xiantayne

    Totally agree. When I think back to all the games I saw this past weekend, this one truly stands out for me. I’m very anxious to get my hands on it again.

  3. Maranda

    I’m really looking forward to this game. Hope it comes to Xbox!

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