June 8, 2011

The Building Blocks of Fun

Lasting First Impressions of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game from TT Games and Disney Interactive

Lego Pirates BoxardI love Lego.  I have loved Lego since my 6th birthday when I received my first Legoland LL924 Space Cruiser.  To this day, I still have all my space Lego and I’ve even, more recently, begun to collect the Ultimate Collector’s Editions of Star Wars Lego.  Yes, I’m a Lego geek and proud of it!  So I’m sure it goes without saying that when the first Lego game for a console came out in the form of Lego Star Wars back in 2005, I was most certainly intrigued and spent many hours in this wonderful Lego world of a beloved sci-fi classic.

There was something unique and endearing to see this cherished movie trilogy brought to life in such a humorous and silly way. This was more than just a Lego game, it was more than just a movie game but it just.worked.  It worked so brilliantly that it spawned several more Lego games such as Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, and Lego Harry Potter.  Now, the creative teams behind these titles bring us the latest in this long line of popular franchises-turned-Lego, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  Hot on the heals of the latest instalment of this popular Johnny Depp driven series, Lego Pirates takes players through not just the first three movies, but also delivers on the newest, fourth movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Like the previous games before it, Lego Pirates delivers the same humorous and quirky Lego game that fans have come to love.  This is an action adventure game that brings to life the entire Pirates of the Caribbean world in over 20 levels and over 70 characters to find and play with.  Like all Lego games before it, playing the story through isn’t the end of the game as there are 10 Ship-in-a-Bottles to find in each level, 8 compass items to find, and many other collectables that can only be achieved after unlocking Free Play mode.  This continuous replay value is what really makes Lego games fun even after playing through the story mode.

Lego Pirates Screen 1I am actually really impressed with the quality of the imagery in this game.  Besides the typical interactive Lego items, the backgrounds and environment are extremely high quality that would rival many popular mainstream game these days.  It seems that with every new Lego game, TT Games goes another step further to make these absolutely beautiful games.  They’re not just making a kid’s Lego game, they’re making a full quality game that anyone can enjoy.  TT Games has really done a fantastic job bringing the Pirates of the Caribbean world to a Lego game.  Even the ‘voice’ of Captain Jack sounds like it was sampled directly from Johnny Depp’s portrayal in the movies which lends to the wonder of playing through the movies stories.

Lego Pirates Screen 2

Lego Pirates is full of the adventure and puzzle solving that you’ve come to love about Lego games and definitely delivers on what you’d expect it to.  Several items have been completely customized to reflect the Pirate theme: Ship-in-a-Bottle replaces the typical mini-kits and red pirate hats replace the red bricks just to name a couple. A few of the puzzles I came across during the first story, Curse of the Black Pearl, I thought might be a little tough for the younger audience, but my daughter, age 11, had no troubles with it and has been playing it every day for over a week now so it definitely appeals to its target audience.and those of us who are still kids at heart.

Playing this game inspired the family to watch all three movies again and go out to see the fourth. I am really impressed with the details that TT Games has put into this game to really make it feel like you’re “in the movies” but with the Lego twist.  Watching the movies through again, I could see many things that the game incorporated into its visuals and objectives.  These small details are what make these games truly wonderful.

TT Games, I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED once again.  You’ve delivered yet another wonderfully addictive Lego game.  I truly look forward to what you have in store for us next.  Lego Toy Story, perhaps?

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