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Summer of Arcade: Week Two

Lasting First Impressions of From Dust from Ubisoft Xbox Live Arcade’s second week of Summer of Arcade continues with another unique entry from the mind of legendary creator, Eric Chahi (Out of this World/Another World) c...
by Sean


Summer of Arcade: Week One

Lasting First Impressions of Bastion from Supergiant Games PAX East back in March was full of promising games, many of which have already been released since. One game in particular, which I had the pleasure of playing back the...
by Sean


Solid Summer Fun

Lasting First Impressions of Dungeon Siege III from Obsidian. Dungeon Siege III is the franchise’s first time on consoles, and they did a good job bringing the Diablo-style gameplay to a controller.  It’s an Ac...
by Maranda