September 28, 2011

More of the Same

Lasting First Impressions of The Baconing from Hothead Games

The Baconing boxart When the original DeathSpank game was released for XBLA last year, I played it nonstop and loved every minute of it. It was fresh, quite humourous, and a ton of fun to play. DeathSpank was a simple adventure game with RPG elements thrown in for good measure and took absolutely nothing serious. The titular character regarded himself as the be-all and end-all of the universe and didn’t hide it, and that is where the majority of the humour came from. It was simply a joy to play.

Shortly thereafter, it was followed up by the sequel, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue which continued where DeathSpank left off. Now, HotHead Games brings us the third in the series, The Baconing. Once again taking the role of DeathSpank, you must venture out into the world to destroy the Thongs of Virtue that were obtained in the second installment and destroy them in the Fires of Bacon in order to stop the evil Anti-Spank.

Employing the same over-the top humour and carefree game play, The Baconing is simply more of the same. I really enjoyed playing the original DeathSpank because of its freshness, but I’m not convinced that we needed more; especially as quick as they came. The original was unique in its execution of a pop-up book style artwork and silly humour, but by adding more titles to the series as soon as they did, it’s no longer new and fresh. This is not to say that The Baconing is a bad game; it’s simply the same as the previous two games but with a new set of nearly 100 quests and a new villain to defeat.

The Baconing screen 1

As I played through The Baconing, I wasn’t as overjoyed with it as I was with the original. I was just a little bit bored, to be honest, but then I realized that I just wanted to finish “one more quest” and that is the sign of an addictive game. Like the original, I wanted to keep playing even though it wasn’t presenting me with anything new. I think back to games like Fallout: New Vegas, where it’s essentially the same game as Fallout 3, but with a new storyline and new quests. The Baconing takes this road and presents us with a new adventure for the intrepid hero. It’s neither new, nor fresh, but it’s still fun to play.

If you’ve never played a DeathSpank game before, you will probably enjoy the game as much as I did the original. If you’ve played the previous two installments, you’ve essentially played The Baconing, and can be assured of a similar experience.

HotHead Games, I gave you an hour and I am INDIFFERENT. I enjoyed the original game immensely, but I’m not convinced we needed more of the same again.

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