October 31, 2011

Reliving the Nightmare

Lasting First Impressions of The War of the Worlds from Paramount Digital Entertainment

Last week saw the release of Paramount Digital Entertainment’s The War of the Worlds, a side-scrolling run-for-your-life action game set in the era of the 1953 movie of the same name.  Developed by Other Ocean Interactive and borrowing heavily from the game style of the original Prince of Persia game, the game casts you as a man in the midst of 19th century London during the wake of a massive alien invasion.  Telling a story that takes place in between the events told in the classic H.G. Wells sci-fi novel, The War of the Worlds thrusts the player into a run or be killed scenario.
Wonderfully narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, the game starts immediately and wastes no time in getting to the action. Plummeting the player into a devastated London, with no way of protecting yourself, you must run, jump and climb your way to safety all the while dodging the terrible aliens bent on destroying all life on earth. The War of the Worlds does a fantastic job in making the player feel completely helpless. Unlike most action games of this genre, the main antagonist carries no weapon. A simple everyday man, his only mission to find his brother and fiancé, will eventually get caught up in humanity’s struggle to survive against a seemingly unstoppable foe.

Artistically, the game is a wonderful combination of black and white with choice use of colour for the alien spiders, and probes, and tripods. It really reminded me of the simplicity of last year’s Limbo. As mentioned previously, War of the Worlds plays and controls very much like the classic Prince of Persia game which can be somewhat of a negative as well as a positive for the air of desperation this game exudes.  I say this because this type of game requires precise timing and positioning of the character in order to catch hold of a ledge or jump from one platform to another; the slightest misstep and you’re dead. With this, I found myself dying quite a lot and restarting the same section over and over again. Regardless, the immersive storytelling kept bringing me back to try again. Fans of the hardcore style of gaming such as Super Meat Boy, will really enjoy this precision gaming.

War of the Worlds brilliantly immerses the player in a war-torn world and, devoid of any weapons, makes the player feel entirely helpless and afraid of the alien invasion.  All you can do is run.
Paramount Digital Entertainment, I gave you an hour and I am IMRPESSED.

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    Wow, that doesn’t sound at all like what I expected. I’m going to give the demo a play.

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