November 18, 2011

Living 2D in a 3D World

Lasting First Impressions of Rayman Origins from Ubisoft

Rayman Origins Boxart I remember the original Rayman game, released on the Sony PlayStation back in 1995, with much fondness.  I would spend hours playing Rayman and loved every moment of it.  Rayman was soon followed up by sequels and several spin-off titles, including the ever popular Raving Rabbids which quickly took on a life of their own and continue to be a popular franchise without the attachment of Rayman.  To be honest, while I have enjoyed the Raving Rabbids series of games, I was a little disappointed that Rayman seemed to take a backseat and was put on hiatus for some time. I enjoyed the Rayman games even more than Mario Bros. games of the time.

Now, to my delight, 16 years after Rayman was first introduced to the world, Ubisoft has revisited their beloved character and, along with original creator Michel Ancel, has brought us Rayman Origins, a wholly new story in the Rayman chronicles.  In a world of 3D movies, televisions and games, Rayman Origins returns to its roots in full high-definition 2D environments; this is everything you remember about Rayman brought into the present day.  The artwork used in this title is wonderfully silly and humourous and is such a delight to play in.  Although this one is presented in high-definition with bright colours and hilarious animations, it still feels like I’m playing the original game again.  Ubisoft has done a fantastic job keeping with what made Rayman popular in the first place, and just giving us more of that.  Sometimes it’s hard to revisit an old franchise and stay true to the original, but this one definitely succeeds in that regard.


Rayman Origins is divided up into a level based map and each level last between 5 or 10 minutes each which is the perfect pick-up-and-play game for when you just have a few minutes to play.  Each level also presents wonderful replay value with several collectables available to “complete” each section.  Additionally, as you complete certain objectives, other characters and their variations are unlocked that you can use to play the game.  You are not limited to playing only as Rayman as his friends Globox and the Teensies are also playable characters, each with their own unique powers and each just as hilarious as the other.

This time around, Rayman Origins features Jump-In/Jump-Out multiplayer so you can have your friends help you play through the game.  Up to three other players can jump in and play as Rayman’s friends and can leave at any time without affecting your progression.  This feature is popular in my house as very often my daughter, Sydney, will want to play multiplayer with me.  Now she can just pick up a controller and join me at any time and this is a perfect family game.  The inherent silliness of the Rayman world is a simple joy for the whole family.


Rayman Origins is, at its heart, a platformer and stays true to this aspect while perfectly blending elements of other genres such as action, adventure, shooter and beat-em up games.  Ultimately, it all comes together as the perfect re-entry of Rayman into the mainstream gaming consciousness.  Rayman may have taken a vacation, but he’s back and he’s still as fun as I remember.

Ubisoft, thanks for bringing back a personal favourite.  I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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  1. Just picked this up. Wow, pretty amazing game. Love it. Some of the big coins are devilishly hard to get but rewarding when you actually manage it.

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