November 8, 2011

Making Fitness Fun

Lasting First Impressions of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 from Ubisoft

Your shape 2012 boxart One of last year’s premiere Kinect release titles was Ubisoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, their foray into the fitness genre of gaming that had became popular with the introduction of Nintendo’s Wii Fit back in 2007.  This year sees a fresh new update to their title in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 with many new and wonderful improvements that are sure to please fans of this title.  I reviewed the original title last year and I was quite impressed with it, so I was certainly interested in giving this new update a run for its money.

The first noticeable improvement as soon as the game starts up is the impressive and brilliant new menuing system.  Gone are the days of hovering your hand over a selection and waiting for a circular timer to complete before then repeating that action when prompted with an “Are you sure?”.  Now the menu consists of large rectangular blocks reminiscent of the new Windows7 mobile phone menu system.  When you want to select an item, simply put your hand over the item and push it like a button.  It’s that simple and it is utterly brilliant.  All other developers need to sit up and take notice as this is how Kinect menus should be done from here on in.


But a game cannot live on menus alone.  Indeed it does not.  Included in Your Shape 2012 are over 90 hours of activities with over 60 new moves that were not present in last year’s version.  A new feature that will get people back into jogging is the wonderful “Run the World” feature that allows players to virtually run through the streets of New York and London all the while seeing and learning about the major sights.  Another fantastic new feature that was sorely missing from the original titles is floor tracking.  This allows the game to track your movements on the floor for exercises such as crunches and pushups.  This addition alone makes Your Shape 2012 the most complete exercise program available on a console today.

Ubisoft has done a fantastic job all around with the improvements over last year’s Your Shape.  If you are looking to just use Your Shape as a way of doing a couple workouts each day, that’s fine, but if you want to set up a customized program to obtain a specific goal, you can do that too.  Built right into the game are several goals to choose from (lose weight, tone up, etc).  Selecting one of these goals and setting a frequency of workout (three times a week for 30 minutes, for example) will highlight specific activities with a flag that will help you achieve that goal.


Additionally, instead of just listing each individual activity separately, Your Shape 2012 includes whole routines that can last up to 30 minutes each.  These routines are collections of exercises and activities to perform in sequence.  If you just want to jump into the game each day and do a 30 minute workout, you can do just that and never have to go back out to the menu until you’re done.

Returning to Your Shape is the popular Bollywood dance routine as well as new dance routines such as Hip Hop.  Also returning from the original title is all your hard work.  If you have previously progressed through last year’s Your Shape, don’t fret; all that hard work wasn’t for naught.  Your total calories burned will be imported over into this new title and you can begin adding onto it with all the new activities available (as well as instant achievements for calories burned!).

I’ve spent a little more than an hour over the past couple days playing Your Shape and I can honestly say I enjoy this one more than the original.  I come out of the game feeling like I’ve truly done a great workout.  I loved the original title, and all the new features and improvements in Your Shape 2012 truly make it the best fitness title available on a home console.  It has done its job and made fitness fun once more.

Well done, Ubisoft. I gave you an hour and I am, once again, IMPRESSED!

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