January 25, 2012

Into the Dreamscape

Lasting First Impressions of Scarygirl from TikGames

Scarygirl BoxartIt’s been a fairly dry few weeks since the Holiday rush of games ended but the new 2012 gaming season has finally begun to pick up again with a few new XBLA games to start off the fun.  One of the first downloadable games comes from TikGames in the form of Scarygirl, based on the works of the same name by Australian artist, Nathan Jurevicius.  Before downloading this game and giving it a try, I knew nothing about Scarygirl or even what to expect from this title, but I was eager to try a new game.

Scarygirl, while an eerily beautiful looking title, is a fairly standard faire platforming title.  Playing the title role of Scarygirl, a lonely orphan girl raised by an intelligent philosophical octopus, who sets out on a journey to discover the meaning of her strange dreams.  Jumping, climbing, swinging and button-mashing your way through several distinctly eerie but wonderful worlds, Scarygirl, unfortunately, is nothing new.

Scarygirl screen

TikGames have done a great job with the dream-like visuals in Scarygirl, with the game looking pseudo-3D but still playing on a 2D plane.  Several areas even branch off into different paths with the far path taunting you as you pass by showing what you missed by not selecting it.  Ultimately, Scarygirl just comes off as another side-scrolling platformer that get fairly dull fast.

Fans of the original Scarygirl stories will probably enjoy delving into this world, but for those who have never been exposed to this character, this game is nothing new and probably won’t keep your interest for very long.  After my hour playing this game, I really had no desire to play any further.

TikGames, I gave you an hour and I am NOT IMPRESSED.

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