March 16, 2012

The Lone Gunman

Lasting First Impressions of Star Prospector from Cryptstone Games

Star Prospector LogoIn the distant future in a not too distant universe, lone entrepreneurs will journey out beyond their home in search of wealth and adventure.  Thus begins the tale of the Star Prospector, brought to us by the one man team at Cryptstone Games.  Mark McGrevy, Founder and CEO of Cryptstone Games, was the sole developer on Star Prospector (see our interview with him here), and has brought us a unique RTS/RPG hybrid unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Star Prospector is, at its core, an RTS game much like that of StarCraft.  What makes it unique, however, is the added RPG elements that allow the player to purchase units and upgrades as the game progresses.  Additionally, every game played will be entirely different from the last as everything is randomly generated each time it is played.


Upon first beginning the game, the player is given the choice of one of three robotic prospecting rigs, which will be their main vehicle for the course of the game.  From there, the galaxy will open up with 100 randomly generated quests that can be completed in any order and at any time.  Each planet travelled to will also be randomly created so no two games will be alike.

When I first started playing Star Prospector, I was instantly struck by the indie developed look to the game and wondered if I was going to enjoy such a game.  In this day and age where graphical beauty seems to be everything to everyone, Star Prospector would not hold its own.  Moving beyond that and into the actual gameplay, however, I realized that the graphics in this game didn’t matter.  I found myself wanting to play more and move from one quest to the other.  This is truly the sign of a great game.  While Star Prospector may not hold up graphically against giants like StarCraft, it is truly remarkable considering the entire game was developed completely by one man.

As I continued from one quest to the other, finding and mining recourses, constructing building and units, all the staples of a good RTS, I found that there is definitely a certain meticulous planning that must go into each quest.  I found that I rarely could complete a quest the first time through and had to realize that my first attempt at a quest would simply be understanding what to expect and then I could go back and plan accordingly.  If you expect to complete each mission the first time through, you will be frustrated quickly as this is definitely not an easy game to master.  Fun, certainly, but not easy.


As a fan of RTS and, most importantly, RPGs, I love how Cryptstone Games has masterly intertwined these two genres into a coherent and unique style.  The RPG lover in me will always want to complete one quest, upgrade my units and move on to the next while the RTS lover will enjoy the grind of amassing the strongest army possible to obliterate the enemy.  All of these elements are brought together flawlessly.

If you love RTS and RPGs, I highly recommend giving Star Prospector a try, you won’t be disappointed. Supporting indie developers such as Cryptstone Games will only open up more avenues for incomparable games such as Star Prospector.

Cryptstone Games, I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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