April 13, 2012

PAX East Preview – Raven’s Cry

One of the games that I had the opportunity to preview at PAX East this year was a little known title being developed by Octane Games and published by TopWare Interactive called Raven’s Cry.  With a Q4 2012 release date still a ways away, Raven’s Cry is shaping up to be an immersive action adventure that hopes to redefine the way we look at pirates.


Set in a dark re-imagining of the pirate-plagued 17th century Caribbean, the player takes the role of Christopher Raven, a man who, as a boy, watched his family murdered by pirates and was left for dead with one less hand (what would a pirate be without a hook hand?).  Now, adopting the way of the pirate, Christopher will stop at nothing to find the men responsible.  Raven’s Cry promises a fully story driven narrative with over 7 hours of gameplay, not including the many side-quests that will be available for players to indulge in.

Combat in Raven’s Cry will be true to the era with sword melee being the major staple in any fight. Guns will be available to the player, but in a limited and single-use fashion due to the time it took in this century to ready a gun for use. Christopher will also be able to craft new attachments to replace his hook, such as a knife attachment and many others.  Each of these will be readily available to the player at any time.

As Christopher makes his way through the beautifully rendered streets and seas of the Caribbean, the player will utilize different options of interrogation to get the information he is looking for.  Threaten, Maim, and Kill will be among the options available to the player with neither of these adding to any kind of Good/Bad point system; the player is simply encouraged to play as they see fit in the moment.


Before PAX East, I had never heard of Raven’s Cry, but after seeing this fully playable early build, I am very excited to get my hands on this title when it’s complete.  What we saw there already looked intriguing and beautiful, so I can only imagine what the final result will be with several more months of development.

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