April 12, 2012

Star Prospector free DLC released – includes Tower Defender game

Last month we reviewed the indie title, Star Prospector, and now, Crypstone Games is delighted to release the first DLC for the game that includes, among other new features, a Tower Defender game within the game itself.  While originally available through the online distribution portal Impulse, the game has expanded its digital distribution channels to include both Desura and GamersGate with fingers still crossed for Steam to follow later.

“We had always intended to add updates and continual improvements to the game, and we spent a lot of time pouring over forums, customer comments, reviewer comments and even a WTF by TotalBiscuit following the game’s release, and we managed to compile a fairly extensive list of suggestions and features that players and industry pros would like to see in the game. We had committed early on to releasing an update and some additional features by the end of March, but little did we know how much all those individual ideas would snowball into our first update, patch, DLC (not sure what to call it really), but essentially, in addition to added features, bug fixes, improved level balancing, graphics changes and GUI improvements, somehow along the way, we added a Tower Defense game within the game as well.”

Angry Lands

Like all indie developers, Crypstone Games is very passionate about their game and are excited to be adding more features, expanding and improving the game and are hard at work continuing to add more maps, levels, and game modes.  They are also looking into ways of adding a multi-player mode to the game as well.  The newly released DLC 1.1 includes the following new features:

  • Star Prospector – Tower Defender – a complete new tower defense style game within the game featuring 8 complete levels and four difficulties. Ability to earn bronze, silver, or gold medals for each level you complete
  • New buildings – plasma turret, pulse cannon and slowing tower added to the game
  • New multiple perks system added – at various levels allows players to increase starting resources, mining efficiencies, sell resources, and gain bonuses on recycled structures, providing more opportunity to better develop their rig, units and develop and expand bases earlier and faster in game
  • Ability to sell/recycle structures, upgrade turrets, – Improvements to gameplay, interface and user controls, ability to queue commands and build orders, better defined hotkeys, further increase in game speed (+/- controls), quicksave (F5), miners rally on ore
  • Improved GUI and changes to vegetation in-game make environments look richer and more full
  • Balance changes – reduction in building costs for some advanced structures makes them more useful and available, increased hit-points and reduced costs on turrets, increases in enemy numbers, spawn counts and locations as well as better scaling of enemies with mission level, additional opportunity for loot drops with dropships, all together means more challenge and more action per level
  • In addition, we have also addressed several minor graphics, GUI and gameplay bugs

Players can now purchase perks throughout the game. This new system allows players to increase starting resources, improve ore yields, sell resources, and gain bonuses on recycled structures. The perk system, along with other overall balance changes,  provide more opportunity for players to better develop their rig, units and expand bases in game.

Star Prospector is now available for $9.99 on Impulse, GamersGate, Desura and direct purchase through BMT Micro. Please visit the Cryptstone site for more information and updates.

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