May 28, 2012

Unleash Your Inner Wizard

Lasting First Impressions of Sorcery from Sony Computer Entertainment

Sorcery BoxartI remember Sony showing off the concept of Sorcery nearly two years ago when they first announced the PlayStation Move controllers.  My friends and I agreed that this seemed to be *the* game for the Move peripherals.  Seriously, who doesn’t want a game that makes you feel like an all-powerful sorcerer wielding amazing spells ala Harry Potter or a mage in D&D?  After that announcement, however, the title disappeared and it seemed as though we would never hear of it again.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when I had the opportunity to attend the Sony Spring Showcase event in Toronto a few weeks ago and Sorcery was there, fully playable.  My excitement for the title was renewed and I was, once again, looking forward to playing the full title.  Purchasing the PlayStation Move controller specifically for this game, I was anxious to unleash my inner wizard and lay waste to the evil forces with my trusty wand as my only weapon.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from a Move title as this is the first one I’ve ever tried, but years of Wii titles and quality-lacking Kinect titles to base opinions on, I didn’t expect Sorcery to be as beautiful as it is.  There is nothing Wii or Kinect-like about this game. Sorcery definitely holds its own against the juggernauts of today’s AAA titles in terms of sheer graphical beauty.

Sorcery screen1

Where Sorcery truly shines, however, is in the gameplay itself.  Using the Move controller as your wand to disperse numerous magic spells just feels right.  It is very responsive and quite easy to wield.  A simply flick of the wrist in the direction you want to throw a spell is all it takes.  Directing the spells is just as easy. To throw a spell up, simply aim higher as you flick the wand.  Want to curve your spells? You can do that too by arcing your shot to the side as you cast.  One of my absolute favourite strategies so far is to switch to the Fire spell (press the Move button and spin the wand in a circle; yes, it’s that simple) and draw a horizontal line in front of me which creates a wall of fire. Now, switching back to the generic attack spell, all the shots will turn into fireballs as they pass through the firewall.  Changing from one spell to another is quick and easy as it should be and never interferes with the gameplay.  Sorcery is a fast paced adventure and thinking quickly on your feet (literally) will be essential to survival.  Experimenting with a combination of spells is the key to mastering Sorcery.

Sorcery Screen 2

The developers at The Workshop have done an amazing job making Sorcery simply fun and truly instilling the feeling of being the sorcerer in the game.  Little things like having to shake the controller in order to mix a health potion, then tip it back as if you’re actually drinking it (and the top of the controller will turn red just like the potion!).  These are the assortment of details that make games like this unequivocally fun and unique.

My only complaint about Sorcery is in the lack of camera control with the Navigation controller.  While it is only used to move your character around, there are times when having some kind of camera control would be useful.  The L1 button can be used to center the camera behind you, but it’s just not the same as having complete control.  During the first boss fight, the enemy would move behind me and it just took far too long for the camera to react to my turning around so I lost valuable time to attack.  This isn’t enough to detract from the overall game but it can be a little annoying at times.

Overall, Sorcery certainly lives up to my expectations and, for me, is a must have title if you already own the PlayStation Move controllers.  I would even go so far as to say that this game is worth getting the Move controllers if you don’t already have them.  It is pure simple fun, full of great humour and a light-hearted adventure.  You know you’ve always dreamed of wielding your own magic wand.  Well, now you can!

Sony, I gave you an hour and I am magically IMPRESSED.

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