June 16, 2012

The OMG! Hour: Episode 6

The One with the Red Head

» In today’s episode we learn why Sean is sporting a bright red head, courtesy of his trip to Canada’s Wonderland.  Craig has finally been able to catch up on some older titles and he tells us about them which leads us into a bit of a rant about the influx of inherently single-player games now having Multiplayer added into them. Is this a good thing for the gaming industry?  We also bring you the second part of our interview with Dan Amrich (@OneOfSwords) as he takes part in our Player Profile segment.  Game of Shame returns as usual and we bring you a brand new segment called Retro Replay.  All that and more in this episode of The OMG! Hour Podcast.


Craig’s Band: Corduroy Road

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  1. Yes, Donkey Kong came out before Mario Bros., and he wasn’t even called Mario yet — he was a carpenter named “Jumpman,” and his girlfriend was “Lady.”

    • Sean

      Now that you mention it, I do recall Mario being called Jumpman back then because we already had a Jumpman game on the C64. I did not, however, realize that the Princess was called “Lady”.

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