August 26, 2012

The OMG! Hour: Episode 16

The One with the Unscheduled Rant

» We recorded this one early so Craig could go gallivanting across Canada to join his band in some shows this weekend.  This week’s show finds Ryan McCaffrey returning for his own run in with our Player Profile and, believe it or not, we stumped him on a few of our questions.  Sean and Craig discuss the latest news in the gaming industry including an update from our OnLive discussion last week, the unfortunate demise of Nintendo Power, and an introduction to Southern Ontario’s own gaming convention, ProjectPlay.  And there may be a little rant somewhere in there too…




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One Comment

  1. Another rantworthy aspect to the “clueless parents” rant in this episode: when those clueless parents happen to be the parents of your children’s friends. “Dad, why can’t I play X, my friends are playing it…” Gah! Ah well, I try to tell them, “Hey, join an Xbox Live Party chat with them, and you can still ‘be’ with your friends even if you’re playing different games…” Thanks for that, Microsoft!

    I agree about Halo; that’s an M-rated game I do let my kids play — the reason is, the game leans more towards the cartoonish: fantasy non-human enemies and environments, the grunts who crack silly jokes, and even the physics is tuned towards the comedic end of the scale. No swearing or adult themes, little blood (if the aliens bleed, it’s purple). It’s a game we can play together on the couch. Of course, Xbox Live is set to only allow my kids to hear their friends during on-line gameplay, and another point in favour of Halo is that many multiplayer matchmaking modes do not suffer from lack of ability to voice chat. Now, my daughter is better at Halo than some of my adult friends, much to their embarrassment… and sometimes tops me on the end-of-round leaderboards too… which kind of speaks to the kind of accessible and casual gameplay it features.

    Heck, they even make Halo Mega Blocks, so we’re clearly not the only parents who are okay with Halo.

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