September 5, 2012

The Belly of the Beast

Lasting First Impressions of Unmechanical

Developed by Talawa Games  |  Published by Teotl Studios

Unmechanical Boxart» As the major players in the gaming industry are just coming to grips with digital distribution, the smaller, independent studios are quickly passing them by with impressive games at an affordable price.  Enter Talawa Games with their first game, Unmechanical, distributed through Good Old Games ( for only $10.  Simple, hauntingly beautiful, and thoroughly entertaining, Unmechanical is a puzzle platforming adventure that is sure to leave you begging for more.

Stranded on a strange, fantastical world of organics, steel, and rock, you are a small robotic creature that must solve the puzzles of this underground menagerie in order to escape home.  Armed only with your trusty tractor beam, you will lift, drag, and pull objects through increasingly difficult but intelligent stages.

The controls are very simple, with only movement and a single button to use the tractor beam. I chose to play the game with an Xbox360 controller and I found the stick controls much smoother than using the keyboard WASD keys.


The puzzles found here are intelligent but never seemed to get so tough that I couldn’t figure them out through some investigation, trial, and error.  What I really loved about Unmechanical was the lack of hand-holding.  I was simply thrown into the game and left to figure it out on my own. With only a simple image-driven hint available by pressing the F1 key, I was essentially left to my own devices, much like the cute little robot dude was.


Visually, Unmechanical easily stands up to some AAA games available today.  The metal and rock surroundings feel real and alive and the environmental audio adds to this strange atmospheric ambience.  Gears turn in perfect rhythm controlling some mystery off-screen while falling stones and rubble can be heard nearby.  Employing nearly perfect physics to all objects, Unmechanical marries all these elements into a perfectly mesmerizing puzzler that is sure to please any fan of the genre.

I am genuinely surprised at the quality of this seemingly unknown game that just came out of nowhere. It is a wonderfully designed puzzler that deserves much more fanfare and delivery on more platforms.  I hope we see more from Talawa Games because if this is what they can do with their first outing, I can only imagine the greatness that will follow.  Unmechanical is simple, beautiful, mesmerizing, and fun.

Talawa Games, I gave you an hour and I am delightfully IMPRESSED.

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