September 22, 2012

The OMG! Hour: Episode 20

The One with the Stolen Game

» Project Play was last weekend and Craig and Sean were there to witness it all for you.  We bring you our impressions of the show and gather several new interviews for your listening pleasure.  These interviews will be available right here over the next few weeks.  This week, we talk about our Borderlands 2 gameplay fun and our joy in receiving it in the mail on launch day.  Derek Laufman, from Halfbot Games, joins us to talk about his The Blocks Cometh game and tells us an interesting story of how his game was completely stolen and sold on the Apple AppStore.  Additionally, we interview Mike Kasprzak, from Sykhronics Entertainments, about two games, Smiles and Nook.  Retro Replay takes an unexpected turn this week as we review a game that’s both retro and not so retro.  You don’t want to miss this intriguing episode of The OMG! Hour.




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