October 14, 2012

The OMG! Hour: episode 23

The One with the Space Cadet

» Just when we thought we had our timing correct, we still went over an hour.  Having a couple of great interviews will do that.  More Project Play interviews come your way this week, including Phantom Compass’ “Rollers of the Realm” and Big Blue Bubble’s “My Singing Monsters”.  Sean and Jeff also discuss the upcoming Forza Horizons. One of us loves it, the other not so much.  We also talk about a couple of crowd-funded projects available for funding now: Chris Roberts’ “Star Citizen” and Obsidian Entertainment’s “Project Eternity”.  In Retro Replay, Sean reminisces over the original Spy Hunter and the recent remake for PS Vita.  We may have gone over an hour again, but we had fun. Isn’t that what gaming is all about? Only on The OMG! Hour Episode 23!




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  1. Hey guys, just a heads up that Rollers of the Realm has been submitted to Steam Greenlight if you’d like to check out how far it’s come since the interview. Give us an upvote if you can!

    • Sean

      Thanks for letting us know Tony. I’ll be sure to mention it on our next podcast. My daughter was just asking about it the other day wondering if it was available yet. We’re excited for it! 🙂

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