November 27, 2012

Nobody Puts Sackboy in a Corner

Lasting First Impressions of Little Big Planet Karting

Developed by United Front Games  |  Published by Sony Computer Entertainment

LBPK Boxart» Sackboy has become such an iconic character since the debut of his do-it-yourself platformer, Little Big Planet back in 2008.  He has even been found laying a beating on other titular PlayStation characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. That’s not enough for Sackboy though. Since his creators went on to develop Mod Nation Racers, he figured it was time he took over that game too and made it his own.  Merging both Little Big Planet with the aforementioned Mod Nation Racers, we now have Sackboy’s very own Little Big Planet Karting.  Going where a certain plumber and his pals have gone before, Sackboy hopes to leave them in his dust as he zooms his way across the finish line.  Let’s take some kardboard karts out for a spin to see if he succeeded.

The first thing players and fans of Little Big Planet will notice is that this is exactly what they have come to expect and enjoy from any LBP game.  The same narrator, the same quirky diorama-esque atmosphere is present in LBP Karting.  This game starts off and continues on in the same story planet, level design as any other game in Sackboy’s repertoire.  The only difference now is the story is told in kart races instead of a side-scrolling platformer.  Players will still find their own Sackboy pod to decorate, their own Sackboy to dress up and make their own, and now players can choose, decorate, and customize their very own kart, complete with their choice of kart engine sound effect.

LBP Karting screen 1

Even the collectibles that make up a key part of any LBP game make a return in LBP Karting. As players zoom their way through the tracks, the typical LBP bubbles and stickers litter the tracks ready to be collected.  Not only is this Little Big Planet for all intents and purposes, this is still a full on Kart racing game with all the fun and tricks one would expect to find hidden up a kart racer’s sleeves.  Play online with friends, challenge a friend in split-screen local play, or take on the story in a single player campaign, each race will feature both offensive and defensive weapons ready to pick up and deploy in an attempt to slow down your opponents.  Don’t expect an easy racer, however, as playing this game on normal difficulty is most definitely a challenge right from the beginning.  Pick up those weapons, blast your opponent, drift around the corners, boost your way past the other karts, and look for as may shortcuts as you can.  Even then you may not be able to finish in first place. Careful use of weapons and drift boost will be essential in clinching the win.  It is a frenetic race from start to finish with not a great deal of time to think about losing.

LBP Karting screen 2

Little Big Planet Karting is proof that our favourite little Sackboy can take such an iconic style of racer and make it entirely his own while still retaining what makes a Kart Racer fun.  Add to that the continuing LBP standard ability to create, share, and download custom made tracks, and we have another wonderful entry in the Little Big Planet family.

United Front Games, I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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