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December 18, 2012

Player Profile: Diana Birsan

DianaSo we’ve had a new writer on the site for almost 2 months now and we figured it was time we got to know Diana a bit more.  What better way to do that than to subject her to our Player Profile questions.  Introducing the newest member of the team: Diana Birsan.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I came from a film and television background, where I focused on Post Production Sound for Film and Picture. I worked 2 years in Post Sound at CTV and then due to a shortage of work was offered a position in the Creative Technology Systems department as an Apple Administrator. At this job I manage all apple machines for CTV with a small group of coworkers. We deal with any system or application problems users encounter, ordering new machines, upgrades, software install and all the geeky stuff. I am also the lead support for the entire Post Sound department and that has proved to be very gratifying.

I own the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Gamecube, N64, Xbox, PSP, PS2, PS1, A solid gaming PC. I prefer my Xbox 360 and PC the best overall.

Aside from video games, I enjoy researching new technology and teaching myself coding (though I have not delved deep enough yet.) I also enjoy drawing, archery and horseback riding, but those activities come and go depending on the season.

What’s the first game you remember being completely enamored with that convinced you that you were a gamer?

I would have to say it was Doom 2. It was the first game that really took up a lot of my time when I was younger and I wanted to find all the secrets and get 100% in all the levels.

What is your favourite development studio and what do they do differently that sets them above the rest?

I think my favourite studio would have to be Bioware. They are in the top 10 best employers in Canada for a reason. They hire the best, they keep people happy and overall they have proven to have such a strong track record because of their creativity in gameplay development and the time spent building a powerful story, not just a fun game.

What is the one game that you think everyone should play, and why?

I think that one of the games everyone should play is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Although it is a new title, I really think it hasn’t got enough exposure. It is definitely at the top of my list and I think that has to do with the absolutely fantastic sci fi story that it created. I am a sucker for Sci-fi and this story reminded me of classic Phillip K Dick writing. I think that a lot of elements in this game deal with subjects that are slowly becoming our future and it’s a powerful thing to create concepts that have not already been done in sci-fi.

First Impressions: What game did you not expect much from but found it being a really great game?

I would have to say Bioshock. I didn’t know anything about it at the time and I never pursued looking into it for years until just recently when I played it all the way through and was so impressed with its entirety.

First Impressions: What game started out really great but ended up with your being disappointed with it?

This one for sure goes out to L.A Noire. Being a huge fan of the film L.A Confidential, I was so excited to be part of that world. Ultimately though the neat gameplay mechanics became so repetitive and the story didn’t amount to anything epic like the movie. I ended up finishing it but I probably won’t ever pick it up again.

What genre of gaming do you feel doesn’t get enough love?

I think it would have to be Adult games…. Just kidding! Probably would have to say good platformers are tough to come by these days. Not sure why though…

What do you think the biggest gaming trend going forward will be?

Unfortunately I think the biggest gaming trend will be, if it already isn’t, handheld device gaming. Anything from IOS and Android to the PSP and 3DS. I enjoy some games on these systems, but would not want to play an epic 40 hour video game on a 5 inch screen with two horrible sounding speakers. Hope I’m not right with my prediction!

Fun question: What game or franchise are you ashamed to admit you enjoy playing?

I’m ashamed to admit that when I’m bored and don’t want to sit down and play a big game, I play Diner Dash. It’s challenging and fast paced and what can I say!

What’s your Gamertag and what’s the story behind it?

My Gamertag stems from drinking a certain 7UP one summer (Could have been citrus splash?) and trying to think of a Username for a free MMO I was playing. Ever since then I use Limesplash for everything.

Any last comments or personal plugs you’d like to leave us with?

Just want to say that I’ve come across a lot of great games that were reviewed poorly online and really, reviews shouldn’t steer you to a yes or a no, they should just give you some opinions and information especially when there is no demo.

About the Author

Sean is an avid gamer and lover of all thing tech. He is a dedicated husband and the father to three beautiful daughters. In addition to taking his love of gaming to a new level with this site, Sean is also host of our podcasts: The OMG! Hour, Lost Treasures of Gaming, and Primetime as well as the bi-weekly podcast mashup show, Gamers Unscripted. Follow Sean on Twitter as @Xiantayne and this blog as @OMGnexus.



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