March 28, 2013

PAX East Preview: Outlast

Developed by Red Barrels Games

» During the annual gathering of nerds known as PAX East, I had the pleasure to spend some time with a new survival horror game that is going to prove almost too scary to ever spend a lot of time with at any one sitting.  Red Barrels Games is working to finish up Outlast, a survival horror with no weapons and no way to fight.  You read that correctly, you can’t fight.  When you are attacked, the only thing you can do is run and hide.  Quickly,  lest you be killed…or worse.   In Outlast, you are investigating mysterious events in an old insane asylum when you are abruptly taken prisoner.  From there, your only goal is to find your way out and survive. Along the way, the story of the asylum will become apparent and it may not be something you want to know.


The ambiance in Outlast is one that will remain with you long after you finish playing.  The atmospheric sounds and music play an intense role in this game and you will find yourself truly afraid of what might be around the next corner or behind that closed door. Crawling through an open ventilation shaft will feel like a safe place to sit for a while as you gather your wits and courage to move forward…until you see something out of the corner of your eye dart by.  Remember when the dogs first crash through the window in Resident Evil? Yeah, that.  Only now you can’t fight off the evil, you can only survive and look for an escape.

When you’re not peaking around the corner for the next object of your death, careful scrounging through the environment for invaluable batteries will be essential to your survival. In a unique gameplay mechanic, the only way to “see” in the dark is to use your camcorder in night-vision mode, encasing your surroundings in an eerie green, monochromatic and grainy glow, adding more to the surreal and terrifying atmosphere.


Although I only had about 20 minutes with this game, I immediately knew Outlast was something truly special.  This is going to be the most pure survival horror we’ve had an a very long time, with survival truly being the key word here.  With no weapons and to way to fight, Outlast will be about careful stealth and patience and a great deal of heart pounding terror.   The game currently has no set release date but Red Barrels Games is putting the finishing touches on it now and I, for one, can not wait to play this one through.  It will be available for PC only…for now.


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  1. Chris

    I played it at PAX East too and it quickly shot to the top of my most anticipated list. It really looks like true survival horror.

    • Sean

      Yeah. It feels like a true return to what survival horror is all about. I’m still really looking forward to it.

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