April 29, 2013

Dark Preview

This past weekend I had the opportunity to engage in a hand-off preview of an upcoming Stealth/Action/RPG game from Kalypso Media called Dark.  Developed by Realm Forge Studios, Dark is looking to bring Splinter Cell style stealth action to the supernatural world.  Players take on the role of Eric Bane, a recently turned vampire on his quest to find his maker in order to complete his vampiric transformation before he degenerates into a mindless, flesh eating ghoul.  His journey, however, will find him in the middle of a conspiracy that will affect all vampires alike and it will be up to Eric to put a stop to it.

Unlike other stealth games, players’ only means of attack will be a set of unique, upgradable, vampire powers.  Successfully eliminating enemies in the game in a variety of ways will net the player points to spend on their abilities. With powers such as Shadow Kill, a teleport coupled with an immediate kill, or Distract, causing enemies’ attention to turn to one area allowing the player safe passage behind them, Dark promises abilities that will satisfy both the action and the stealth players alike.

Graphically, Dark is taking on a cell shaded graphic novel style approach that, so far, seems to work for the game.  Even the cut scenes are told through static images and voice-overs.  The art style reminds me very much of Borderlands but without the use of bright colours since Dark is, as the title suggests, dark.

Dark Screen 1

Although I did not have any hands-on time with the game, what I saw was looking fairly polished and seemed to control very well.  The stealth approach looked like it might be difficult to pull off successfully since enemies seemed to spot the player immediately instead of the typical “warning” time associated with recent stealth games such as Dishonored.  Dark is also marrying the stealth/action genre with the RPG genre with the added conversation trees that BioWare made famous in games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Altogether, Dark is looking to be an intriguing game and should give stealth/action fans something to look forward to when it releases this summer.

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