April 3, 2013

PAX East Preview: Stinky Footboard

The Controller for your Feet


AX East isn’t just about games. Hardware companies, such as MadCatz, MOGA, and Intel, are also in attendance showing off their latest gaming and PC accessories. Stelulu Technologies was also in attendance but they were showing off a new PC accessory that has never been seen before. It’s a controller for your feet, the appropriately named Stinky Footboard.

The Stinky Footboard is literally a D-Pad for your feet. Resting your foot squarely on the board, you have immediate access to four customizable buttons, allowing for quick access to any command in any game. Looking for a faster way to reload in your favourite FPS without taking your thumbs of the controls? The footboard will save you those precious moments by allowing your feet to assist in all your games. It’s perfect for the MMO player too; couple the Stinky Footboard with a Belkin N52te Speedpad and a MadCatz M.M.O.7 gaming mouse and you’ll never have need to touch the keyboard again!

The Stinky Footboard is designed to allow your foot to rest comfortably on the center of the board without pressing any buttons. From there, a simple push forward, back, left, or right will select your desired command. It even ships with three different springs for your preference of how firm you want the buttons to feel. Stelulu Technologies has just begun their Kickstarter campaign for this ingenious product and early backers can get the Stinky Footboard for only $89. Once released to the public, the board will retail for $139.

Benefits of the Stinky Footboard include:

  • Allows simultaneous actions such as in FPS games players can strafe, change guns and throw a grenade without taking their fingers off the AWSD keys
  • Increases actions per minute (APMs) for RTS gamers
  • Makes it easier to access additional key bindings for MMO players
  • Shaves precious seconds off for eSports players
  • Simplifies controls for beginners

Users of this board will surely find themselves wondering how they played games without it. To get one for yourself before anyone else, be sure to visit their Kickstarter campaign page and check back here soon for a review of this great new way to play games.

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