May 3, 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

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ostalgia. There’s nothing quite like our fond memories of what once was even if it means viewing those memories through rose coloured glasses.  That which we remember affectionately usually doesn’t stand up to the test of time when we revisit the days of our youth.  Transformers and G.I. Joe cartoons, anyone?  While they may still be fun to return to from time to time, they’re usually much sillier than we ever remembered.  This is exactly what the developers at Ubisoft wanted to capture in their stand-alone DLC, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, based on last year’s award winning game, Far Cry 3.

Blood Dragon is a whole-hearted parody of 80’s pop culture, video games, and, most importantly, 80’s action movies.  While players can expect a near replica of the gameplay introducted in last year’s Far Cry 3, nothing about Blood Dragon can be taken seriously.  The game was designed to be an extremely silly and nostalgic romp through what the 80’s viewed as the future: 2007.  In a post apocalyptic world in which Toronto and most of Canada has been nuked, it is up to our hero, part man, part cyborg (like everyone else in the game), Rex “Power” Colt, to save the day from the Omega corporation, a seemingly unstoppable force of cyborg warriors hellbent on world domination.  Afterall, who didn’t want to control the world back in the 80’s, right?

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Chock full of amazing one-liners, over the top action and more pup culture references than you can keep track of, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is simply more Far Cry 3 goodness but with a cheesy skin.  Well, okay, a cybernetic skin.  The neon-embued, over saturated world truly comes alive with the amazing retro soundtrack, complete with that decade’s favourite instrument: the synthesizer.  There’s even a hint of the Terminator theme music in there.  To top off this romp through the VHS inspired world, players will also encounter the titular Blood Dragons. Like everything else in this dystopian future of 2007, these Blood Dragons glow with neon colours and, to top off the cheesiness, they are Dragons with frickin’ laser beams.  Yes, they actually shoot laser beams from their eyes!

The 1980’s was a decade that most would like to forget ever happened.  The action movies, the Saturday morning cartoons, the big hair, neon, and synthesized music, all come alive in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.  If you grew up in this era, this is not a game you will want to miss.  Similar to 2009’s Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard which made fun of video games in general, Far Cry 3 makes fun of an entire decade and the pop culture that it spawned.

Ubisoft, I gave you and hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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  1. Kevin

    I agree. Most of the best of FarCry 3 with a great 80s game and action movie coat of paint. Nicely done!

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