June 5, 2013

The Night of the Rabbit Review

Wizard Meets Wonderland

» Daedalic Entertainment has shown some great stories in point-and-click form, including their newest project: The Night of the Rabbit. This fantasy story follows Jeremiah Hazelnut who lives in a quaint little house with his mom and aspires to be a great Wizard. Two days before summer vacation ends, Jeremiah meets a well-dressed White Rabbit who wants to make Jerry his apprentice and take a voyage into an alternate world full of magic, talking animals and other wild curiosities.  Both Jerry’s world and the alternate world are gorgeously drawn. The style is reminiscent of Deponia but with even crisper lines and a more vibrant, lush fantasy environment.

The Night of the Rabbit features some incredibly creative mechanics that make it very easy to get into; even for point and click beginners. As you commence your adventure with Jerry, there is a radio outside his house that begins your tutorial for all the controls in the game. The choice to incorporate it this way was a good one. I didn’t even realize I was playing the tutorial for a while because Daedalic ingeniously made it seem like a talk show.

The Night of the Rabbit Screenshot

Another impressive addition to the game is the choice to double click on the exit of an area to immediately warp to the new area. This is a really great feature when it comes to point-and-click games because the player often has to travel back and forth to solve puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, the beginning of the adventure was a little tricky because, much like Daedalic’s other games, the items that you can pick up are not very obvious. I really enjoy this aspect because it makes a game more challenging although  The Night of the Rabbit includes a magical coin later in the gameto allow you to see a “magic aura” around useable items; sort of like a hints but with less guilt after using the feature.

Once again Daedalic Entertainment has done a fantastic job at letting the music add atmosphere to the game

Daedalic has also chosen to include choices in dialogue, which adds a lot more depth to the game and allows the player to feel a certain sense of freedom in the story. Two other key aspects I noticed right off the bat was the music and the voice acting. I find that a lot of independent games struggle from poorly recorded voice over and lackluster music. This is not the case with The Night of the Rabbit.  Daedalic spared no expense with their amazing cast of voice actors. Each voice was unique, clearly recorded and suited for their role as one of the fantastic characters. I could not be happier with Jed Kelly, a 13 year-old British actor playing Jerry as he was so well suited the role of the curious, young main character.  The music also suits The Night of the Rabbit well. Small games often struggle from poor music choices because it is tough to be original at a lower cost, but once again Daedalic Entertainment has done a fantastic job at letting the music add atmosphere to the game.

With yet another point and click release under their belt, Daedalic Entertainment once again prove they have a strong understanding of story and design. The Night of the Rabbit had a bit of lag upon entering and exiting areas but other than that I can’t really complain, the game was very well put together.

Daedalic Entertainment, I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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