September 10, 2013

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Lasting First Impressions

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a platforming puzzle adventure game like no other platforming puzzle adventure game available today. I was not expecting to love this game as much as I do now. Starbreeze Studios has crafted a beautiful tale of family, of love, and of bravery in the face of dramatic odds.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons finds players in a co-op story that is played by only a single player.  The game begins with the younger of two brothers paying his respects to his dead mother, who drowned while he tried to save her. Soon, he is called home by his older brother to find his father suffering terribly.  Instructed by the healer to search for the Tree of Life that can save their father, they set out on an amazing adventure together.  On this adventure they encounter many dangers, perils, fantastical creatures such as Trolls, Gryphons and Giants.

Brothers Screen (14)

Where this game sets itself apart is how the game is controlled. Each of the two brothers is controlled with a single thumbstick for movement and a trigger for performing an action; the older brother on the left thumbstick/trigger and the younger on the right.  This control may sound like it could be a tad confusing at times, and it can, but that is what makes this game wonderful.  It is an incredible test of ambidexterity that will put both sides of your brain to the test simultaneously.  Both brothers need to be controlled independently and at the same time in order to successfully navigate the many dangers and puzzles that this game will throw your way.  In one occasion, one brother hangs perilously on a moving chain while the second must run through the level and pull levers that will prevent his sibling from falling to certain doom.  This may sound fairly easy, but wait until you have to keep track of them both at the same time and press the thumbsticks and triggers at just the right moments.  I found it often difficult to remember which thumbstick controlled which brother.  Regardless, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is incredibly satisfying.

This game was originally released during the Summer of Arcade promotion on Xbox 360 and is now available for PS3 as a PSN download.  The brilliance of this game is why it absolutely deserved to be a part of Xbox’s Summer of Arcade this year.  Once I started playing this game, I really never wanted to stop.  The adventure and the story is simply beautiful; the artwork is stunning; the puzzles are challenging enough to not be frustrating and the controls are incredibly unique. At the end of the day, it’s not the puzzles that make the game brilliant but the execution of how the player must work the two brothers together simultaneously.  Everything about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is absolutely wonderful.  You really owe it to yourself to experience this game.

Starbreeze Studios, I gave you an hour and I am IMPRESSED.

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