September 5, 2013

Rayman Legends

Lasting First Impressions

Rayman Legends BoxartRayman Legends is wonderful. Four simple words that truly sum up my feelings for the latest game in the Rayman series from Ubisoft. Granted, what I think truly makes this game wonderful is the intelligent and incredibly satisfying way the game utilizes the Wii U’s Gamepad controller.  I have no idea how the game fares on the other systems it’s available for (Xbox360, PS3, Vita), but for the Wii U, it is truly magical.

As with 2011’s Rayman Origins, we find that Rayman is, once again, joined by his very special friends, this time on a magical journey through living paintings, all the while searching for and collecting the cutesy Lums.  Each level in the game is just the perfect length to be satisfying while still offering a significant challenge.  Stages also hide eight special Teensies that can only be found by fully searching everywhere and leaving no stone unturned.  Find all eight of them, gather all the Lums and you’ve mastered the level.  Simple, right? Wait till you get to the later levels!

Rayman Legends Screen (9)

Where this Wii U version of the game differs from the other games is in the unique use of the Gamepad for certain stages.  When Globox needs help, unleash the use of the gamepad as he runs through the level, all the while the player must use the touch screen to manipulate the on screen objects to help him along. Utilize the Gamepad to help him take out enemies, move platforms, cut ropes to clear a path and, with the gyroscope technology, move rotating platforms.  This additional gameplay truly put a smile on my face and I just wanted to play more.

As usual, Rayman Legends is beautifully crafted by original creator Michel Ancel and the love for the franchise is apparent every step of the way. The artwork looks meticulously hand-drawn and painted and Rayman and his friends looks absolutely beautiful in full HD resolution.  While a great deal of games these days have moved towards the realistic action and adventures, Ubisoft has kept Rayman grounded in his roots and has delivered yet another incredibly fun run through an imaginary and fantastical world that only Rayman and his friends could inhabit.

Using the Wii U Gamepad for off-screen play; helping Globox run through his stages by using the touchscreen and gyroscopic motions; battling giant dragon and other fantastical bosses; finding and freeing all the Teensies; taking on daily challenges and beating your friends scores; this is what Rayman Legends is all about.  There is always something to come back to in this game.  While I can’t speak to the versions for the Xbox360 or PS3, I can say that I wouldn’t want to play this game any other way than on the Wii U.

Either way, Ubisoft, I gave Rayman Legends an hour, and I am immensely IMPRESSED!

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