November 25, 2013

Deadfall Adventures

Lasting First Impressions

When I was asked to check out Deadfall Adventures from Nordic Games, I honestly never heard of the game and had to do some research on the title first. I quickly discovered some comparisons to Indiana Jones and the recent reimagining of Tomb Raider. Another adventure, puzzle game combined with some gun play to appeal to a broader audience. This being my first time writing for OMG! Nexus, I have decided that I take my crack at a Lasting First Impression because all the reviews I have done in the past have been hours of gameplay instead of roughly an hour of play.

For starters, I cheated a little and played for about 90 minutes because I honestly wanted to finish the first campaign level to get a good feel for the story which was pretty typical fare. A professor is seeking out artifacts from the lost City of Atlantis along with his companion, Jennifer Goodwin, who have come to recruit James Lee Quatermain. Quatermain is a former agent somewhere within the U.S, who also happens to be a gambler, rogue, and general typical adventurer type. With money as his main incentive, so he can gamble it away, he takes on the job and partners up with Jennifer to search the temple for the artifact. The story takes place in 1938 so the main villain in this game happens to be the Nazis (sounding more and more like an Indiana Jones movie doesn’t it?).


The story of Deadfall Adventures is a bit cliché, but if the controls and gameplay is fun then that should make up for it, right? Well, unfortunately the controls are a bit finicky, especially when it comes to lining up the sights for guns as they definitely need some calibration. I often try to line up for a head shot and 99% of the time I would miss. I quickly learned it was better to go for body shots as they deal the same amount of damage as a head shot and was much easier to hit. It is a first person view which I felt was not a great choice as it limited the movements of Quatermain immensely where a third person view would have definitely made puzzle solving a whole lot more interesting.

Speaking of puzzles, they were way too easy and, although I was playing on the normal difficulty, they should have been a lot more challenging. You receive your grandfather’s notebook early in the game as he was also an adventurer and had been looking for Atlantean artifacts most of his life. The book contains “clues “ to solve these puzzles. Well, they are more like instructions than clues, which takes away from the whole point of solving the puzzles in the first place. There was definitely no satisfaction in solving the puzzles in my first hour or so as I was hand held the whole time.


Graphically the game looked well, but with some of the top tier graphics we have been seeing this late in the generation you would hope for something better than what was presented in Deadfall Adventures. As I said, it looked well but there could have been a lot more polish put into how the characters looked as well as the details put into the levels. I should note that the voice acting was pretty horrible with no feelings and people just reading scripts which made it even harder to get into the game as there was definitely no emotional connection made with this gamer.

This is the classic case of a game that could have been great. There is a decent foundation that the game was built on and with a few adjustments, polish and time, it could have been elevated to a much higher level.

Nordic Games, I gave you an hour and I am NOT IMPRESSED.

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