February 15, 2014

The OMG! Hour: Episode 91

The One with the Games We Want

This week’s episode of The OMG! Hour focuses mostly on all the games coming in 2014 that we are really excited for.  Titanfall, Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online, and more.  We talk about the PvP aspect of The Elder Scrolls, Blizzard Arcade, the new reviews coming out for Titanfall, the hilarious results of the new Steam Tags, why Infamous: Second Son is going to be awesome, and Lionhead’s desire to make Fable a “Games as Service” model.  Finally, we have a fairly lengthy conversation about why The Elder Scrolls Online may not be a good idea and whether the focus on multiplayer in games is driving players back to a desire for the single player games.

The Stuff We Like to Talk About


Has the focus on multiplayer games begun to drive people back to a desire for the single player games?

The Usual

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Sean is an avid gamer and lover of all thing tech. He is a dedicated husband and the father to three beautiful daughters. In addition to taking his love of gaming to a new level with this site, Sean is also host of our podcasts: The OMG! Hour, Lost Treasures of Gaming, and Primetime as well as the bi-weekly podcast mashup show, Gamers Unscripted. Follow Sean on Twitter as @Xiantayne and this blog as @OMGnexus.



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