August 18, 2014

The Last of Us Remastered

Lasting First Impressions

As this new generation of consoles approach their first year anniversaries, we have seen several games given the “next generation” treatment and released again for us to enjoy once more.  Of these titles, The Last of Us, arguably the best PS3 title of the previous generation was the last game I expected to get this upgrade.  Not because it was release so close to the launch of the PS4, but because I couldn’t imagine it being any better than it already was.  I would have hedged my bets that this would be one of the first titles available to play in what we now know as PlayStation Now.  I was wrong.  Developer Naughty Dog has taken their already amazing masterpiece and made it even better.  Not something I thought was even possible.

TLOU Remastered Screen (3)

The Last of Us Remastered, available now for the PlayStation 4 is a fully realized ‘next generation’ title.  Taking full advantage of the new hardware, the game now runs in a full 60 frames per second and shows more detail than the PS3 could handle.  To be honest, however, the PS3 version was already so detailed, pushing the boundaries of the previous generation hardware, I’m hard-pressed to see  much difference between them.  This is an absolutely stunning game on both systems.  The draw distance and texture details seem to be much higher on the PS4, which probably goes without saying, but this is still the exact same games as we experienced last year.  The higher resolution and framerate do, however, make for a smoother game and allows for more precision during gun fights.

As already mentioned, The Last of Us Remastered is the same game we played last year but this package also includes the DLC, Left Behind, right on the disc.  Left Behind is a non-linear prequel story of the main character, Ellie, telling of her time before she meets Joel.  Players control Ellie in the DLC while they control Joel in the main game.  Although the Left Behind story takes place before the events of The Last of Us, it is highly recommended to complete the main story first to avoid crucial spoilers.

TLOU Remastered Screen (4)

While the story elements in The Last of Us Remastered are identical to the original PS3 game, there is a new, and fun, feature available in the remastered version.  Photo mode.  This game is the epitome of what the developers Naughty Dog wanted players to experience and that is evident by including such a feature.  In Photo mode, players can pause the action and, using a detached camera, create a photo from their view utilizing instagram style photo modes before saving and sharing their image.  In this way, the developers are simply shouting to players, “Hey! Look how beautiful this game is!”  And they’re absolutely right.

The Last of Us on the PS3 was simply a masterpiece.  It was the best looking game of the generation and even first generation PS4 games were hard pressed to come close to its beauty, both graphically or in story.  The Last of Us Remastered brings that beauty home to the PS4.  This game was made for this generation of hardware and, while it may have taken an extra year to get here, it is obvious that the PS4 is truly where it belongs.

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