October 27, 2014

The OMG! Hour: Episode 126

The One with the Extra Life Live Stream

October 25th, 2014 at 8am, Sean, and may others around the world, began a 24-hour gameathon all in support of the Sick Kids of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  In honour of this annual fundraiser, this week’s episode was recorded live during Sean’s marathon while he and Jeff played and streamed Destiny on Twitch.tv.  It was a fun experiment and what we have for you here is an unedited show like our sister show, Gamers Unscripted.  We answer questions from those watching the stream as well as talk about a few things that came up in the news this week all while trying to stay focused on playing Destiny.  It was a fun time and a grand experiment.  Only you can tell us if it was a success or not.  Regardless, Extra Life was another huge success and donations can still be made until the end of November right here: http://extra-life.org/participant/xiantayne.

On a side note, due to Sean’s being a total noob when it comes to Twitch streaming, the video of our Live Show wasn’t archived so it’s been lost in the void.  If you enjoyed the audio of this live show and would like to see us do more of this in the future, we’ll be sure the video is saved for those who can’t watch us while we record.

Lost Treasures


  • Extra Life donation portal will be available until November 30th.  Please donate. We have prizes for donating!

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Sean is an avid gamer and lover of all thing tech. He is a dedicated husband and the father to three beautiful daughters. In addition to taking his love of gaming to a new level with this site, Sean is also host of our podcasts: The OMG! Hour, Lost Treasures of Gaming, and Primetime as well as the bi-weekly podcast mashup show, Gamers Unscripted. Follow Sean on Twitter as @Xiantayne and this blog as @OMGnexus.



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