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January 4, 2015

The OMG! Hour: Episode 135

The One with the Compelling Games

2015 is upon us but we’re still knee deep in Dragon Age so we discuss that some more.  We also talk about what we did over the Christmas holidays and the lovely DDOS attacks we all experienced as Xbox Live and PSN went down for everyone.  As we look forward to all the games that will be coming our way in 2015, we first look back to what we wished for in 2014.  It seems our wishlist was too much to ask the gaming community for.  Let’s hope 2015 is better to us.  There are some great games on the horizon and we will look at them with new eyes as we evaluate them with this new state of mind:

“A compelling game is a game about which you’re thinking all the time, looking forward to getting back to it when you’re away from it.” ~@Turtle502


Lost Treasures

  • Vexx [2003, GameCube, Xbox, PS2]

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Sean is an avid gamer and lover of all thing tech. He is a dedicated husband and the father to three beautiful daughters. In addition to taking his love of gaming to a new level with this site, Sean is also host of our podcasts: The OMG! Hour, Lost Treasures of Gaming, and Primetime as well as the bi-weekly podcast mashup show, Gamers Unscripted. Follow Sean on Twitter as @Xiantayne and this blog as @OMGnexus.



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