Lost Treasures

February 2, 2015

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Lost Treasures

Ty_the_Tasmanian_Tiger_CoverartYou’ve heard of Crash. You’ve likely messed around with Ratchet and Clank.  You could have even spent time with Spyro and let’s not forget the granddaddy of all mascot type games – Mario. But have you ever spent time with Ty the Tasmanian Tiger? If not, there’s still a chance to change all that.

Ty wields a boomerang as his weapon of choice (although, you can obtain all sorts of different rangs with different abilities). Did I say rangs?  Yes I did. As this game hails from Australia, you are going to learn some pretty cool new lingo and even words you didn’t know existed. I personally haven’t had this much fun just listening to people talk since the early days of Crocodile Dundee on the silver screen.

Ty screenshotTy is a series of action platformers; there were 3 of them released on the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube from 2002 to 2005. The sequels, subtitled Bush Rescue and Night of Quinkan improved upon the originals in a number of ways. I’m currently playing through Bush Rescue and have been pleasantly surprised by the variety of game play modes including driving vehicles and flying helicopters.

There is not a lot of replay value in these games, other than trying to collect everything but they do provide solid 12 hour game experiences that are easy enough for kid and yet interesting and challenging for adults too. It’s another case where I encourage you not to dismiss it purely as a kids title because it has a lot of value beyond that.

Ty screenshot 2Because it was available on all 3 major platforms in the sixth generation, you can still likely play it today with backwards compatibility or maybe you even still have your GameCube hooked up somewhere.  Forget the Vegemite sandwich, grab a copy of Ty instead and give it a try.

Until next time, I’m Syd Bolton, your gaming archaeologist, bringing you the Lost Treasures each week here, and only here, on OMG! Nexus and The OMG! Hour.

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Syd Bolton
Syd Bolton surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games as Canada’s top video game collector at the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. He plays all of the latest games on his 80" Sharp TV and provides the "Lost Treasures" segment during The OMG! Hour. Follow Syd on Twitter @sydbolton.



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