June 8, 2015

Episode 3: Cancelled Shows

Cancelled Shows

We’re one host down this week so it’s just Bishop and Sean left to talk about a bunch of new shows we watched.  Some good, and some really bad.  In the news this week, we find Fox trying to revive yet another TV Show, casting additions for X-Files and Elementary, a Reboot reboot, and why Susan was killed off of Seinfeld.  Finally we go through all the shows that didn’t survive this past 2014/2015 Fall Season.  Not a lot of surprises there.


What’s New On Instant Video

  • Orange is the New Black – Season 3 (Netflix US)
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Season 2 (Netflix US)
  • The Gates – Season 1 (Netflix US)
  • The Fosters – Season 1 & 2 (Netflix Canada)
  • Glee – Season 5 (Netflix Canada)
  • Grand Hotel – Season 3 (Netflix US/Canada)
  • Heartland – Season 8 (Netflix Canada)
  • Homeland – Season 3 (Netflix Canada)
  • Murdock Mysteries – Season 8 (Netflix Canada)
  • American Dad! – Season 9 (Netflix US/Canada)
  • Archer – Season 6 (Netflix Canada)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 2 (Netflix Canada)
  • Doctor Who – Season 8 (Netflix Canada)
  • Drop Dead Diva – Season 5 (Netflix Canada)

The Usual

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