Lost Treasures

December 14, 2015

Episode 16: Remember Me

Interview with Jean-Maxime Moris

Do you remember Remember Me or are your memories all mixed up?  Our guest this week is co-founder of Dontnod Entertainment and the Creative Director of 2013’s Remember Me, Mr. Jean-Maxime Moris.  We dive into the inspirations of Dontnod’s first game, and learn all about the creation process behind it, what made it into the game, what didn’t. We even learn of a distinct link between this game and their next game, Life Is Strange.  It may not be an old game, but Remember Me is a lost treasure just the same. If you’ve never played it, you owe it to yourself to seek it out

Memories can be a subjective thing with some people having better ones than others. Wouldn’t it be interesting if our memories could be digitized, just like photos, and downloaded into a master computer. Except, maybe someone would figure out a way to put them back into our brains, only altered. If you think that sounds scary, it’s a big part of the premise behind Remember Me – a 2013 video game published by Capcom and created by Dontnod Entertainment, based in France.

The setting of the game is actually 2084, in Neo France. The first thing I really appreciate about this game are the worlds. So detailed and rich in artistic flavour, you’ll strain to want to explore the entire world. Unfortunately, you can’t always do that but you will want to stop the action sometimes and look around and the game certainly does allow for that.

Part platformer, part brawler, and part puzzler Remember Me has an awful lot going for it and it is a shame it didn’t do better. It is definitely one of those titles that you discover later on (and perhaps many of you are right now) and while it is not perfect, it is an experience worth taking. The custom combo system for the fighting is quite interesting and the memory remix portions of the game are the stand-out here. It’s a shame there are only four of them but they are definitely worth it.

Released on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Remember Me is a game I’ll not soon forget and you should definitely consider giving a try. The story will leave you thinking and wondering and the strong female protagonist will stay stuck in your brain for a long time. Don’t miss out on this game – that is, if you can still find it.

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