High quality gaming mice usually come at a high price.  Players looking for a distinct advantage in their gaming need look no further than the recently release Bloody Headshot with Ultra Core 3 from A4TECH.  Falling in at a reasonable $40 price tag, this customizable mouse is sure to give FPS players of any level some advantage over the competition.  The Bloody Headshot boasts, right on the packaging, to provide Auto Recoil Suppression with 100% headshots.  This is achieved through the downloaded drivers and software.

Before a mouse can give players an advantage in gaming, it must first feel good to use.  A mouse may have the best intentions in mind for gamers, but if it doesn’t fit the hand correctly or is not a comfortable mouse to use, its inherent advantages are rendered null and void.  In this case, the Bloody Headshot is covered with a smooth rubbery texture that feels good with just enough of a grip without feeling like its sticking to the hand.  The size fits my hand perfectly and I don’t feel like I’m reaching to press any of the included 8 buttons.  Both the left and right sides of the mouse flair out at the bottom giving just enough of a lip for both a thumb rest and a pinky rest so no fingers are ever dragging on the desk when using this mouse.  With the near zero friction metal feet included on the mouse, this makes the Bloody Headshot feel like it is actually floating on the desk.  Unlike mice with plastic feet that drag on the desk, this mouse slides so well, it doesn’t even feel like it’s touching anything.  After a month of using it, there is absolutely no indication of wear to the feet.


In terms of customisability, the Bloody Headshot includes 3 separate cores that can be activated based on the type of gamer using it.  The first core is meant for the RPG or RTS player and allows the gamer to customize 5 additional buttons, 2 located just above the thumb, and 3 buttons just below the scroll wheel. Using the device software, these buttons can be set to any command or macro the gamer needs.  The second core, is engineered for the primary FPS player and changes the 3 buttons under the scroll wheel to automatically select either, for each left click, a single gun shot, a double burst, or a triple burst shot.

The real power of this mouse comes with the optionally purchased Core 3, giving advanced FPS players the same single, double, or triple shots, but includes the auto-recoil suppression technology.  This additional feature mimics mouse movement to counteract the in-game gun recoil allowing players to hit their target every time.  Competition ethics aside, this is an incredible advantage to FPS players.  The Bloody Headshot software can be completely customized for any game and any gun found in those games.  Some profiles are included in the software already, from CounterStrike to World of Warcraft.  I hope to see some more profiles available for download for games such as Defiance or Black Ops because the customization of these profiles is extremely detailed and I was, personally, unable to truly grasp how to program the mouse for a game not already included in the software.

The A4TECH Bloody Headshot really is intended more for FPS gamers than MMO gamers.  While an MMO gamer will get more use out of the sheer number of extra buttons found a mouse such as the MadCatz M.M.O.7., serious FPS gamers should look no further than this one for much improvement in their accuracy with the Auto-Recoil suppression.  The mouse is comfortable to grip, the buttons are easily accessible, and the metal feet give it a clear advantage with a near-zero friction feeling.  The advantages, coupled with the great low price, puts the Bloody Headshot in a category of its own.

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