If you are a collector of video games then you likely know about Earthbound for the Super Nintendo as it was (and still is) one of the most valuable games for the system. If you are an RPG fan then you also likely know about that game and have probably been a bit disappointed that the other games in that series (which originated in Japan) never made it over here to North America. The good news? You don’t really need to wait anymore, because Citizens of Earth might as well be called Citizens of Earthbound.

Citizens of Earth Screen (1)

You control the newly elected Vice President of the World and your job is to save the Earth by recruiting friends, family and the local townsfolk to help you do so. Usually you get these people to join you by performing specific tasks for them and they each have different abilities. Your mother for example can “Hug” the enemy to reduce their power (she also provides great advice on how to play) and your brother can add to and manage your inventory.

It’s quite clear that Citizens of Earth is a fan-made game inspired by Earthbound and if you like that game, you are going to love this one. If you have never played it before, this could be an introduction to whole new different world of gaming. It’s quirky, cute and fun and yet has a lot of depth at the same time. The music is very catchy regardless of your favorite style.

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The graphics are bright, colorful and varied throughout the game. It never feels like you are retreading old spaces or reused textures, which certainly can’t be said for a lot of the games out there. This is particularly surprising since this game was built with a small team overall.

Is Citizens of Earth for everyone? Probably not. But you should at least give the demo a try before you make up your mind. Between the sense of humor in the game, the somewhat absurd premise and all of the weird, wacky, and wonderful things you are going to encounter – what’s not to like?

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