The Ultimate Evil Edition

For the longest time I felt that a game like Diablo would perfectly suit the controls of a console.  Although I had played the original Diablo game back in 1996, I never played the second game in the series even though I purchased the collector’s edition.  So when Diablo III was announced a few years ago, I did not have much excitement for it and even passed on playing it when it released on PC back in 2012.  It wasn’t until the game was announced for both the Xbox One and PS4 that my interest was once again piqued.  I began to get excited for the game as its release loomed closer and closer.  The thought of playing this game with friends online was an attractive proposal.  And so, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition released on the next generation consoles and I took my first plunge into its many depths.

Not only do current console owners get the entire four act story that released on PC two years ago, but we also get the fifth act, the titular Reaper of Souls, and a new character class to chose from.  This included expansion also introduced players to a new Adventure Mode that provides endless quests for an unlimited gameplay experience.  This is the pinnacle of the Diablo III experience all in one neat next generation package, ready to get lost in.

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A number of RPG style adventure games reward players with upgrades to armor and weapons at a slow pace, but Blizzard had successfully found that perfect balance of rewarding the player continuously.  Enemies drop loot and money at excitingly fast intervals and it really doesn’t take long for the game to make the player feel powerful.  Of the six available classes, I chose to play Diablo III as a Wizard which is what I am wont to do in any RPG style game.  Usually Wizards are the soft and squishy types that need to remain at the back of the battle and away from danger.  In this game, however, I never felt like I needed to stay away due to the constantly available loot to keep upgrading my armor, accessories and weapons.  Eventually this upgrading becomes a careful balance of all the stats on each item to decide if it will benefit your character.

In addition to this excessive amount of loot collecting, Diablo III also rewards players at nearly every level up with new stills and abilities.  Every class has a primary ability, three secondary abilities and a super ability.  Not all of these are available when the game starts, but it doesn’t take long to unlock them all.  Even then, these skills continually get stronger and more powerful as runes are unlocked for each of them.  Of these 5 aforementioned skill “slots”, there are 4 separate skills to choose from giving players endless combinations of skills and abilities.  Only time spent in the game will give players an idea of which skills they prefer to use in conjunction with the others making each character truly unique to each player.

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Once players get through the main story mode, the game doesn’t end.  In fact, there is no end to Diablo III at all.  When the main story is complete, players unlock the new Adventure Mode which gives them all the area maps unlocked during the story, but this time they are filled with “Bounties”.  Bounties are, essentially, mini quests such as “kill 150 enemies then kill this boss.”  Completing five bounties on any one of the 5 act’s maps will net the player a huge XP bonus and a treasure chest full of loot.  My only issue with Adventure Mode is the fact that these bounties must be completed in one sitting in order to unlock that bonus chest.  Leave the game and return, and all the bounties are randomized again with nothing completed.  In this way, the game is truly endless as there is no completing all the bounties, ever.

In addition to Adventure Mode, finishing the story also unlocks the “Nephalem Rifts”.  These rifts are opened by finding shards in Adventure Mode, then entering the rift for another fun killing spree.  Kill enough enemies to raise the bar to 100% and a big, bad-ass boss will appear.  Take down the boss and you are guaranteed some epic look for your character.  When I first entered these rifts for the first time, co-op with a friend, my Wizard had a DPS of around 50K.  When we finished our 3rd rift, I had amassed enough epic armor and weapons to bring that DPS up to over 200K.  This is where the fun of Diablo III really starts to shine, but this is also where you will want to bring your friends along.  While the story mode is fine for playing solo, both Adventure Mode and the Nephalem Rifts are really meant for you and your friends to play together.  The co-op play in Diablo III is really where the fun lies.  There’s nothing quite like laying waste to thousands of enemies.  With your friends.

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An interesting addition to this console version of the game are monsters that can travel from one game to another.  If a high level enemy kills a friend, that enemy will take a portal out of their game and may end up in yours.  Under the enemy’s name it may say something like “Killer of: Limesplash” meaning this enemy killed your friend in their game and is now invading yours.  If you are killed as well, it will then move on to another game in your friends list.  Once it is finally put out of its misery, it will drop some epic loot for the player who killed it as well as for all those who were killed by it.  As a way of vengeance, the player who killed it can then sent that epic loot automatically to all the players who were killed.  Beware the horns that sound three times. That is an indication that this enemy is about to invade your game!

The console version of Diablo III on the next generation platforms is where this game was meant to be played, too.  With the graphical quality like playing on the best possible on PC, this game is absolutely stunning.  Running at a full 60 frames per second at 1080p, which so many magic spells and weapon animations going on simultaneously, there is never any indication of slow down.  The game is fast paced and fun and that never lets up.  This truly is the definitive edition of Diablo III and this is where it was meant to be played.  While I had never played the second game in the series, I am really kicking myself now for not doing so.  Diablo III is worth your time and money as this is what fun is all about.  Play alone or with friends, but guaranteed, there is much fun to be had here.

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