The Royal Library & The Monster Seal

Ah, the dungeon crawler. If you like this kind of game, you are going to love Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal. If it’s not your thing, you should still consider giving this one a try. It just might convert you.

The background story to this game is a little weak, but you’re likely not playing this one for the setup. You play as Fried, a new member of the Royal Library who has this truly academic interest in monsters. You have to control a party that heads out to combat these new monsters that have popped up and capture them. You have to head out into dungeons along the way, and that is where you are going to spend most of your time.

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If you have played Etrian Odyssey (another Atlus offering) then you will feel pretty much at home with Dungeon Travelers 2. You’ve got five party members to control, having them attack or use their special skills. It’s something that feels familiar if you have played any sort of turn-based combat RPG game, and yet it is done very well here and is quite enjoyable overall.

You can of course customize things quite a bit in this game. You’ve got skills for each character class with some unusual ones (like a maid) and you can change things up at any time, allowing you to change how you play and the strategies you use at will. This means that you are likely never to get bored with this experience, which is a nice touch.

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You’ll spend most of your time capturing mutant monsters who eventually become boss fights. These are quite tough, and you will feel like you have accomplished something when you are done. There are some design issues, the later dungeons feel a little cheap in terms of the tricks they use to amp up the difficulty, but it doesn’t detract too much from the overall experience.

The game is a little over the top in terms of the sexuality displayed and, from what I understand, the game almost received the dreaded Adults-Only rating until it was toned down a little (pardon the pun). If you like that sort of thing then this will definitely add to your liking of the game but in my opinion is just beyond unnecessary. It’s not the first time, however, something like this has happened in this genre.

Dungeon Travelers 2 is an excellent dungeon crawler. If that is your thing, you’re going to love this. If it’s not, you’ll have to stay away. Otherwise, head down into the dungeons and fight away. It’s a fun experience!

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