For 17 years, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been shocking audiences with the antics of four elementary school students living in a very grown up world.  In this time they have established a very rich history of characters and a unique world in which the kids play.  This becomes the perfect playground for Obsidian Entertainment‘s RPG, South Park: The Stick of Truth which borrows heavily from the show’s full history.  To be completely forthright with you, I was never a fan of the South Park animated series.  I watched a few episodes 17 years ago, saw snippets of the South Park movie, but that was the extent of my experience with this franchise. It just wasn’t something I enjoyed.  I do, however, love a good RPG so how could I pass up the opportunity to review a new RPG, even though it was set in the world of a cartoon I never liked?  In short, I couldn’t.  And I’m very glad I didn’t because this game has made me an instant fan of the show and I am now beginning my South Park journey from season one.

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In South Park: The Stick of Truth, you are the “New Kid” who just moved to the town of South Park and no sooner have you moved in than your parents kick you out of the house to go find new friends.  Shortly after you are not-so-lovingly dubbed “Douchebag” by the Grand Wizard Cartman and thrown into a massive Dungeons and Dragons campaign to claim the all powerful Stick of Truth.  For he who wields the Stick controls the Universe!  In grand South Park style, however, this seemingly innocent game of D&D soon escalates into a city wide epidemic that threatens, not only the town, but the whole world and it is up to you to put an end to the troubles.  Your journey will take you from the familiar streets, homes and shops of South Park to an alien UFO, the underground sewers and even into the bowels (literally) of Mr. Slave.  As a Canadian, I have to also mention the hilarious trip to Canada that you will take during the course of your adventures.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is all about story and nothing in the game ever really takes away from that.  Sure, there are side quests available as with any RPG, but these quests never deter from the grand scheme of the main story and, as a player, I never felt like I wasn’t working towards the common endgame.  The trademark humour, crudeness and over the top stories found in the show are in abundance here and the game even acknowledges that you’re in a game and pokes fun at the RPG genre.  While this is a turn-based RPG, I would call it more of an “Active Turn-based RPG”.  During battles, you choose the action you want to take, whether it be an ability of your chosen class (Mage, Fighter, Thief, Jew), magic (in the form of…wait for it….farts. Yes, really), or a melee attack.  After choosing an action and selecting an opponent, your action will require you to participate by either mashing a particular button, spinning one of the thumbsticks, or pressing a button when you see your weapon flash.  The more accurate you are with your button pressing, the more damage you will incur on the enemies.  It is a unique take on the turn-based RPG and it definitely works here.

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The setting and the story found here makes it truly wonderful.  The over the top crudeness of the content contrasts entirely with the child-like innocence with which the kids view everything.  The game looks and behaves exactly as you would expect from the TV show.  In fact, if someone were to sit down beside you, they may believe you are watching a new episode of South Park.  And the game plays like that too.  Each day there are specific quests to accomplish, followed by everyone going home for the night. Unfortunately for you, however, you will rarely get a good night’s sleep, but as each day begins, the South Park town sign is shown like we just returned from a commercial break.  The story starts off innocently enough but quickly escalates into more and more outrageous antics, the humour just keeps on going and there is never a dull moment to be had.  Once the final credits rolled, I was anxiously waiting to get back into the game and see more.

Obsidian Entertainment has done an amazing job translating this animated show into an off the wall and equally entertaining and humorous RPG.  One that has truly made me a fan of a show I never thought I’d like.  And if a game can make me a fan of the show, I can only imagine that current fans of the show will love this game even more.

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