The Walking Fables

After Telltale Games hit it out of the park with their 2012 episodic adventure, The Walking Dead, one might assume their natural followup would have been The Walking Dead, Season 2.  Instead, they took their talent along a different route with  The Wolf Among Us, a brand new story set in the universe of Bill Willingham’s award-winning comic book series, Fables, from Vertigo Comics.  As with The Walking Dead, this game will be presented in an episodic format starting with Episode 1: Faith.  The Fables universe is an imagining of a New York City suburb that is home to characters like Snow White, The Big Bad Wolf, Ichabod Crane, and other fairy tale characters, both human and not so human, who are real and living among us, with all their powers intact.

This new story takes place prior to the events found in the first issues of the Fables comic book series and puts players in the role of Bigby Wolf (Get it? Big Bad Wolf? Big B. Wolf? Ha!), the Sheriff of their hidden community in New York City.  Now exiled from the land of fairy tales, Bigby is tasked by Snow White to keep order within their society of mythical creatures and characters to remain hidden in the world of the mundane.  Until a horrible murder is left on the steps of Bigby’s apartment building, sinking him deep into a plot that could affect all of the Fables forever.  For those who have never read the Fables comic series, this story takes place many years before the first comic and is a good jumping off point for any new fans.  Personally, after playing this first chapter, I am quite eager to begin reading the comics.

The Wolf Among Us

Players of The Walking Dead series will be right at home with The Wolf Among Us.  Controls are identical to their previous work with some great new updates and much more action.  Unlike The Walking Dead, the action found in this game is much more intense, requiring more reflexes and reactions.  This time, in addition to the pressing or mashing of a single button on command, some actions require the lining up of a reticule on a specific spot on screen, followed by pressing the correct trigger.  Luckily, the spot on the screen is large enough that players will not have to be super accurate to successfully pull off the move; a definite bonus for those of us who are terrible at quick aim.  As long as you’re close enough to the target, just pull the trigger and click away.  The Wolf Among Us also gives players a series of choice and consequences, something that is quickly becoming a Telltale Games trademark.  Everything you do in this series will be observed by other characters and will have an effect on the story as it progresses.  There are even some seriously agonizing choices to be made here such as choosing to help one character or another, with the consequences not immediately evident.

The Wolf Among Us

With the popularity of TV hits such as Once Upon a Time, Grimm, and the new series Sleepy Hollow, this is the perfect time to release another modern day story of fairy tales come to life and The Wolf Among Us is certainly welcome.  There is always something entirely unique and satisfying about seeing these classic characters together in ways you never imagined.

Visually, The Wolf Among Us keeps the same gritty comic book style that was presented in The Walking Dead, albeit with a tad more colour.  Presented in approximately two and a half hours, the story is utterly engrossing and I found I could not stop playing until the entire episode was completed.  The ending of Episode 1 left me breathless, speechless, and most definitely yearning for more.  With The Walking Dead already under their belt, and now The Wolf Among Us, could Telltale Games be gearing up for another Game of the Year?

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